Learn everything about the Theta Network.


This section provides in-depth documentation and materials about the Theta technology stack.

  • To read the Theta blockchain 2.0 whitepaper, which covers the consensus protocol and the guardian node details, please click here.

  • To read the Theta blockchain 3.0 whitepaper, which introduces the new crypto-economics design for TFuel, in particular TFuel staking and burning, please click here.

  • To read the Theta ecosystem 2022 and TDROP token whitepaper, which lays out our vision for the Theta ecosystem, please click here.

  • For the technical details of the Theta Multi-level BFT protocol, please click here or here. Theta is also researching into alternative consensus protocols based on verifiable delay functions.

  • The Theta decentralized edge computation design and architecture which powers the Theta [email protected] initiative can be found here: Theta decentralized edge computing platform.

  • Theta Labs (aka. SLIVER VR Technologies, Inc) also hold multiple patents covering various areas including virtual reality and blockchain-powered decentralized video streaming.

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