Demo 6: NFT Staking DApp

In this dApp demo prepared by Simon Piazolo from OpenTheta, we'll guide you on how to interact with the Theta blockchain. We'll explore a variety of technologies that will simplify and expedite your development process on the Theta blockchain.

To illustrate, we'll build a demo dApp that allows you to stake NFTs (TNT721, analogous to ERC721) and earn tokens (TNT20, same as ERC20) in return. We'll begin by examining the necessary smart contracts and learning how to use Edgestore for uploading your NFTs' metadata.

Once the contracts are deployed, we'll shift focus to the web app, built with React.js and Bootstrap. Here, we'll delve into the libraries, wagmi and WalletConnect, which enable interaction with the blockchain via your wallet.

Disclaimer: This dApp is merely an example designed to help you understand how to interact with the Theta blockchain. If you intend to build a real NFT staking dApp, we recommend constructing a backend and auditing the smart contracts for security.

For the source code and more details, please check out this GitHub repo: