Theta EdgeCloud Overview

Ushering in a new era of AI computing and more.


Theta EdgeCloud is empowering AI teams around the world with unrivaled GPU price-to-performance. Its mission is to provide developers, researchers and enterprises large and small with unlimited access to GPU processing power for any AI, video, rendering, and any containerized task, at the most optimal cost. This approach brings the best of Cloud computing to a decentralized system, powered by the Theta Edge Network.

Leveraging Theta's recently approved patent on "Edge Computing Platform supported by Smart Contract Enabled Blockchain Network" and the upcoming release of Elite Booster edge nodes, all Theta community members will be able to participate and share in the rewards from EdgeCloud AI, video, 3D rendering and gaming compute jobs. While chatbots like ChatGPT and others utilize GPUs, new generative AI models such as text-to-video, text-to-3D and sketch-to-3D will require 10-100x the amount of computational power. The combined GPU compute power of Theta's decentralized edge network and its preferred cloud partners is 20-30x more than other comparable networks in the industry today, holding the keys to global GPU compute, arguably the most valuable and most disruptive asset in history.

Theta EdgeCloud Dashboard

Developers and customers can access the Theta EdgeCloud through its user-facing dashboard. This guide will steps through EdgeCloud's main products and features as listed below. A brief video tour by Theta Labs CTO Jieyi Long is also available here.

Theta Edge Node

To join the Theta Edge Network which powers Theta EdgeCloud, you can download and setup the Theta Edge Node software following the instructions here.