Launch a Local Private Net

Step 1. Setup

Follow the instructions in Setup and Installation to build and install the Theta Blockchain node software. Make sure you are compiling the latest privatenet branch, as mentioned in the special notes. Next, execute the following commands to setup the environment.

cp -r ./integration/privatenet ../privatenet
mkdir ~/.thetacli
cp -r ./integration/privatenet/thetacli/* ~/.thetacli/
chmod 700 ~/.thetacli/keys/encrypted

Step 2. Launch a Local Private Net

And then, use the following commands to launch a private net with a single validator node.

theta start --config=../privatenet/node

When the prompt asks for password, simply enter qwertyuiop. Note that this simple password was just for demo purpose for the local private net. Please use a strong password when you set up your nodes for the Theta mainnet.

Note: Alternatively, you can pass in the password with the --password option:

theta start --config=../privatenet/node --password=qwertyuiop