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Turing-Complete Smart Contract Support

Turing-complete smart contracts open the door to numerous use cases in video streaming and beyond, from token investments in streamers, to automated splits of TFUEL rewards between platform/streamers/users, to non-fungible tokens (NFTs) representing top content creators. Since the Theta Virtual Machine is compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), porting over existing Ethereum-based contracts is simple and thousands of smart contract developers can easily jump to building on Theta. Between the Theta Labs team and Theta community, many projects are already in the works including decentralized exchanges (DEXs), staking pools, and more.

Since the Theta Virtual Machine is compatible with EVM, a developer can compile the Solidity contract source code using his preferred compiler toolchain (Remix, Truffle, or solc) into bytecode and then deploy to the Theta Blockchain.

A user can deploy and interact with the smart contract either manually through the Theta Web Wallet or programmatically via the Theta Blockchain SDK. Also note that on the Theta Blockchain, TFUEL takes the place of ETH in all contracts. Just as you need ETH to deploy or interact with smart contracts on Ethereum, you need TFUEL to do so on Theta blockchain. All TFUEL used to deploy or interact with smart contracts is burned.

Next we will show a quick Solidity smart contract example, compiled using Remix and deployed through the Theta web wallet.

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Turing-Complete Smart Contract Support

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