EdgeCloud Video Services

Formally known as "Theta Video API", video services is now an integral part of Theta EdgeCloud

Build decentralized video into any application with a few clicks or lines of code. No hassle and video stack development needed. Simple. Cost-effective. Powered by Theta.

Check it out: https://www.thetaedgecloud.com/dashboard/video/overview

Powered by the Theta network, anyone can simply upload a video clip and the Theta video service (formally known as "Theta Video API") will return a playable link they can add a Theta-powered player to a site featuring the video clip. The ease of use means now anyone will be able to roll out decentralized video to handle delivery, and playback of their videos. Users that watch will then be able to relay video over the Theta Network on a peer-to-peer basis, fully leveraging Theta’s decentralized infrastructure. This isn’t simply embedding an existing video stream — any user can use Theta video service to upload any video to their website with just a few clicks in a permissionless process.

It’s simple for developers to use: a web or mobile developer posts a video file to the Theta video service ingest endpoint and get a playable video URL in return along with a few lines of JavaScript code which enables the Theta decentralized stream delivery library.

Theta aims for this to significantly reduce the cost of starting a new video platform, removing barriers to entry and allowing new content types and creators to flourish. By using the Theta Network to bypass costly contracts with tech giants, the playing field will be leveled for small and medium-sized sites to compete with the largest ones. In fact, you can create an entire video platform using only Theta video service without the need for any other video encoding, delivery, or playback providers since Theta video service creates an end-to-end decentralized video pipeline — all-in-one, easy to use, fully decentralized. Learn more:

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