A Provider is an abstraction of a connection to the Theta Network, providing a concise, consistent interface to standard Theta blockchain node functionality.

Creating a HTTPProvider

This is the default and most commonly used provider.

const chainId = thetajs.networks.ChainIds.Mainnet;
// By default, the provider will find the RPC URL to use. However, you can pass your own custom RPC url as the second arg. 
const provider = new thetajs.providers.HttpProvider(chainId);

// If you run a Theta node on your local computer, and want to connect to the local node, you can set up the provider like this
const providerForCustomNetwork = new thetajs.providers.HttpProvider('myprivatechain', 'http://localhost:16888/rpc');

Get Account

const address = "0x000...000";
const account = await provider.getAccount(address);

Get Account Transaction Count

const address = "0x000...000";
const count = await provider.getTransactionCount(address);

Get Block (By Hash)

const blockHash = "0x0000...0000";
const block = await provider.getBlock(blockHash);

Get Block (By Height)

const blockHeight = "7801192";
const block = await provider.getBlock(blockHeight);

Get Current Block Height

const blockHeight = await provider.getBlockNumber();

What’s Next