Staking TDROP

Staking TDROP is done from the Theta Web Wallet and Theta Mobile Wallet, and does not require any specific node (i.e. you do not need a Guardian Node or Edge Node to stake TDROP). First, login to your Theta Wallet on web or mobile.


Click to the Stakes section. It will show your existing staked tokens including TDROP, and how much TDROP voting power and earnings you have.


To stake TDROP, click Deposit Stake, select TDROP from the dropdown menu and enter the amount of TDROP you want to stake, then click next and confirm the staking transaction. There is no minimum or maximum amount to stake.


Your TDROP locked in the staking contract is now shown (your staked tokens plus estimated earnings to date), as well as your voting power toward TDROP governance proposals. To unstake, just click Withdraw Stake, select TDROP, and enter the % of your TDROP you want to unstake and return to your Theta Wallet (0% to 100%). Staked TDROP can be withdrawn at any time without restriction.


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