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Theta P2P Javascript SDK

Below we provide instructions for integrating Theta P2P with any HLS.js compatible video player. The below examples are using video.js and hls.js as a video player solution. To integrate Theta into your video.js powered player, simply include the theta scripts, implement the Theta Wallet token generator, and setup the options for your video.js player as shown below.

Include scripts

Enter the following script tags in your head tag. Please ensure HLS.js is included before the theta-hls-plugin.

<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>

Theta Wallet token generator

To allow authenticated users to earn TFUEL in your application, your backend needs to generate a Theta Wallet access token. Please implement a function which will call your backend to generate a new access token for the user's Theta Wallet.

async function getWalletAccessToken() {
    //Check if a user is logged in...
    let isAuthenticated = true;

    if (!isAuthenticated) {
        //No user is logged in, no wallet will be used
        return null;

    //This API should check the user's auth 
    let body = await yourAPIRequestToGenerateThetaWalletAccessTokenForAuthedUser();

    //Return the access token from the request body
    return body.access_token;

Note: If you do not have a secret key to generate a Theta Wallet access token, please contact your Theta rep for access.

Setup video.js options

  const optionalHlsOpts = null;
  const player = window.player = videojs('my-player', {
          techOrder: ["theta_hlsjs", "html5"],
          sources: [{
            src: "YOUR_VIDEO_URL",
            type: "application/",
            label: "1080p"
          theta_hlsjs: {
              videoId: "YOUR_INTERNAL_VIDEO_ID",
              userId: "YOUR_AUTHED_USER_ID",
              walletUrl: "wss://",
              onWalletAccessToken: getWalletAccessToken,
              hlsOpts: optionalHlsOpts

Toggle CDN Only

Sometimes you want to only allow CDN (user pref, etc). This code will enable or disable CDN only mode.



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Theta P2P Javascript SDK

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