NFT-based DRM

How to create a video protected by Theta NFT-based DRM

DRM protected videos are created following the exact same steps like normal videos, except that you can now specify a NFT collection so that users must own at least one NFT from that collection to be able to watch the video.


The created videos are encrypted and only NFT owners will be granted access to decryption keys.


Publishing the video

Option 1: You can share the playback URL directly with your viewers.


Option 2: You can embed the iframe on your website.


Watch the video

Either way, the video is initially blocked and the viewer is asked to connect their MetaMask wallet.

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After signing in, Theta DRM server will verify whether the viewer owns NFT items from the collection specified by the video creator. If true, the decryption key is granted to the viewer' player to decode and play the video.