EdgeCloud Video Service: Webhooks

Set up webhooks in the Theta Video API dashboard to receive events about videos and streams.

Types of events that can be subscribed to

video.createdOccurs when a video is created
video.updatedOccurs when a video's metadata is updated, or when a video is retried
video.partial_finishedOccurs when a video's resolution is finished
video.finishedOccurs when all resolutions of a video are finished
video.erroredOccurs when an error occurs transcoding a video
video.deletedOccurs when a video is deleted

Example API request made from Theta Video API to the partner backend

curl -X POST 'https://api.partnerbackend.com/webhooks/tva/recieve' \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
-d '{
    "id": "wbhk_evnt_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
    "service_account_id": "srvacc_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
    "object_id": "video_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
    "object_uri": "https://api.thetadrop.com/video/video_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
    "event": "video.created",
    "create_time": "2023-06-13 18:14:09.4416 +00:00",
    "update_time": "2023-06-13 18:14:09.4416 +00:00"


Use the Theta Video API to fetch the object. A URI to the object is added to the event for convenience.


Delivery of events is not guaranteed to be in the same order they were generated.


A 2xx status code response is expected from the partner backend. If the partner backend does not respond with a 2xx status code, the Theta Video API will keep retrying with exponential backoff.