Set Reward Split on Elite Edge Node

In the following we will discuss how you can set a reward split on your Elite Edge node.


  1. Install the Edge Node on your computer or server
  2. Install the Theta Node on any Linux system and thetacli

Get the Elite Edge Node Keyfile

  1. copy the keystore file from inside your EEN into the folder: ~/.thetacli/keys/encrypted/
    If you use the Docker Container version of the EEN you can use this command:
    sudo docker cp edgelauncher:/edgelauncher/data/mainnet/edgecore/key/encrypted/<addressOfEENwithout0x>; ~/.thetacli/keys/encrypted/
    // addressOfEENwithout0x: Address of EEN is the name of the key store file

Set Reward Split

  1. Send 0.3 TFuel to the Elite Edgenode address. This will be used as the gas fee to set the node reward split!
  2. Start the Theta node
  3. Run from the CLI:
    thetacli tx distribute_staking_reward --chain="mainnet" --holder=<HOLDER> --beneficiary=<BENEFICIARY> --split_basis_point=<BASIS_POINT> --seq=<SEQ>
    • HOLDER: Your Elite Edge Node address
    • BENEFICIARY: Wallet where the reward should be sent to
    • BASIS_POINT: Percentage of reward in basis points (3% = 300 BP). Maximum is 1000 BP
    • SEQ: The current sequence number of the Elit Edge Node wallet + 1 (You can check this in the explorer)
  4. After Executing the command check in the explorer your node, it should now show the percentage under "REWARD SPLIT"


Theta Node Location

You don’t need to run the EEN on the same machine as the Theta Node(step 2 & 5), you only need to copy the keystore file of the EEN into the correct directory on the Linux machine with the theta node (step 3).


Guardian node

The same process can be used to set a reward split for the Guardian node.