Intro to TDROP

The TDROP token rewards activity on the ThetaDrop NFT Marketplace, provides decentralized governance for ThetaDrop, and rewards stakers with TDROP token rewards. It is a new TNT-20 token built on Theta blockchain, centered around the groundbreaking concept of NFT Liquidity Mining. TDROP tokens are earned by users each time they make a purchase using TFUEL on ThetaDrop (on the secondary market at launch, and on the primary market / initial drops in a coming update), or through a 3rd-party NFT Dapp built on the NFT marketplace smart contract. It can be thought of as ‘mining’ TDROP by providing liquidity to the Theta NFT Marketplace. This incentivizes early adopters of ThetaDrop to provide liquidity which enhances price discovery, improves trading volumes, and drives more user growth and adoption.

For a more detailed explanation you can read the full Theta Ecosystem and TDROP white paper.

TDROP offers three main utilities at launch, with more to come in the future:

  1. VIP benefits including early access and exclusive drops on ThetaDrop
  2. Staking TDROP and earning a share of the TDROP stake reward pool
  3. Governance rights on proposals to changes to ThetaDrop