ThetaDrop VIP Benefits


The first set of VIP benefits for TDROP holders will be broken into three tiers:

Bronze Tier: Initial requirement 100k TDROP

  • VIP airdrops of NFTs, TDROP, and other tokens
  • Lower withdrawal fees and priority/faster withdrawal times (coming soon)
  • VIP Badge differentiating your ThetaDrop profile from regular users

Silver Tier: Initial requirement 1m TDROP

  • Early access to all the newest NFT drops on ThetaDrop. If there is a waitlist for a drop, you will be placed ahead of all - Bronze Tier users and users without TDROP
  • Plus all Bronze Tier benefits

Gold Tier: Initial requirement 10m TDROP

  • Exclusive access to certain drops — the only way to access the whitelisted presale of these drops will be via the TDROP Gold Tier
  • NFTs that you list in the ThetaDrop secondary market will be featured in a carousel at the top of the market, and by default will be sorted to the top of marketplace lists (coming soon)
  • Plus all Bronze and Silver Tier benefits

TDROP utility will continue to expand beyond these listed benefits throughout 2022 as ThetaDrop platform grows. Access to each tier will be based on the 30-day average balance of TDROP you hold on ThetaDrop. TDROP amounts required for each tier are subject to adjustment if necessary due to TDROP price fluctuations. TDROP deposited in ThetaDrop can be withdrawn at any time without restriction.