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how can I get access to the discord group

when I try to join I get a whoops! unable to accept invite - discord name is Amishtech⚒🖥Jared⚒🖥

Recovery of Theta Tokens

Hi Theta Support I transferred Theta tokens from my Binance account to my Ethereum MyEtherWallet account, and they never arrived (Binance did not tell me that they were being transferred on the Theta blockchain not Ethereum). MEW tells me that they can "see the Theta Tokens on the Theta Blockchain. They advise me to "find a Theta wallet that I can import my MEW Recovery Phrase to in order to access the Tokens". Can Support please comment? I have opened a Theta Wallet. Once you reply I can send all the public addresses of my Binance account, my MEW account and my new Theta wallet, plus the Txid for the transaction. Many thanks Michael

Linux EdgeLauncher v1.1.0 ERROR running edgeencoder

I am seeing this error frequently when running the latest Linux EdgeLauncher Docker image thetalabsorg/edgelauncher_mainnet:v1.1.0: " [2022-09-03 13:50:16] INFO Edgeencoder is restarted [2022-09-03 13:50:16] ERROR [launcher] Failed to execute command: &{./edgeencoder [./edgeencoder start --config=~/.edgeencoder/ --password=jhkfasd9r7636HJDHJEY46732674DGHGGHEF7464] [] <nil> 0xc00000e018 0xc00000e020 [] <nil> <nil> <nil> <nil> <nil> false [0xc0001c8080 0xc00000e018 0xc00000e020] [0xc0001c8080] [] [] <nil> <nil>}, err: fork/exec ./edgeencoder: no such file or directory " Examining via a shell into the container shows that there was no directory at ~/.edgeencoder. I presume this means that no video encoding jobs are being processed. Please advise, as I would very much like to get encoding jobs running and supporting the Theta Network if they are not.


I sent old theta tokens to this ethereum address via ledger theta wallet 4months ago and I cannot retrieve them. I asked ledger for their derivation path and they answered to contact theta support and ask for an exchange of these old theta tokens. I tried loads of derivation paths to recover the key for the seed phrase with no joy. The ethereum address is 0xc5e39c21b006396ddb5b03d424a5ff073fd4e56d My theta wallet address is 0xd21faf7a383526a1cc8e19d337b92992f9c23e8e Could you please recover my tokens for good. Thank you Farid

Theta Video Api service account limit

Currently, the service account only allows max 3 stream. Is there any way to remove that limitation?

How to send T-Fuel to Wallet from Edge Node and Theta TV?

I have had both for a while and had not sought to move collected T-Fuel from the Edge Node; Theta TV. Previously, Theta TV would send the T-Fuel directly to my wallet. Since then I had waited to find out the steps to move it to my wallet. I am just now, 8-23-22 begun to look into how it is done but have not found the steps to take to move accumulated T-Fuel from either the Edge Node Or the Theta TV over to my wallet. Assistance would be appreciated. Thanks Gil

Problem, When I click the 'Wallet" link from the home page, the page comes up blank, I can't access my wallet, Please HELP11

Problem, When I click the 'Wallet" link from the home page, the page comes up blank, I can't access my wallet, Please HELP11

I incorrectly selected delete node key

I inadvertently selected delete node key instead of database. How do I re establish my guardian node. Its downloaded and asking for a QR Code. Do I need to unstake my wallet and restake?

how to store theta in my theta wallet.

explorer shows my theta and address. wallet shows a different address for receiving. I have no experience in theta transactions. where can I learn how to put the theta in my wallet?

Buying Theta

How do I buy Theta?