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How to send theta to my ledger

How to send my token to my ledger nano x

change earnings wallet address on Edge Node

How can I change the earnings wallet on the Edge Node. When I originally downloaded and set up Edge Node, I used one address but want to use a different wallet address. I can't uninstall or get rid of it!

How to stake Tfuel

I tried to stake Tfuel but it says "Insufficient available balance". Can I fund an account through your software or do I have to purchase Tfuel elsewhere and transfer it to my wallet in order to stake it? I realize the minimum stake is 10,000.

securing theta with Ledger Nano S

Hello There! I understand that ledger doesn't currently support Theta, however I also know that people are able to still secure with their Ledger Nano S, but it just doesn't show up in portfolio. My question is that when I follow the process that seems to work for everyone else, selecting Ledger under Hardware wallet on the theta wallet site, it always gives me the message that my ledger nano s is not connected. But it is connected and open in the Ethereum app? Any ideas how to troubleshoot. Have tried several times. Thank you so much!

Clarification About Using a Ledger Nano to Store Theta (and 3 Other Questions)

Hello. I’m trying to get my head around using the Theta wallet with a Ledger wallet. I have 4 questions QUESTION 1 ______________________ The Theta wallet generates its own mnemonic phrase, keystore file and private key and each of these can be used to unlock the wallet. There is also a hardware option that lets you use the Theta wallet with a Ledger The question I’m trying to answer is, if I choose hardware as the method for unlocking the wallet and use a Ledger, are the Theta wallet’s mnemonic phrase, keystone file and private key completely irrelevant? I think the answer is yes but I haven’t been able to get any confirmation about this anywhere. Here’s my thinking: A Ledger wallet has its own recovery phrase and its own private key. Surely if you are using a Ledger to view and manage your Theta funds, the only relevant phrase is the Ledger’s 24 word recovery phrase and the only relevant private key is the Ledger’s private key, right? In other words, it's not possible that the Ledger recovery phrase/private key and the mnemonic phrase/private key/keystore file generated by the Theta wallet can both be used for accessing the same funds. The two phrases are different and the two private keys are different so they can't both unlock the same funds, right? So if you are using the Ledger to access your Theta funds, the mnemonic/private key/keystore file generated by the Theta wallet must not be of any relevance. What matters is the hardware wallet’s recovery phase and private key. Am I right? QUESTION 2 ______________________ What's the difference between these? Ethereum m/44'/60'/0'/0 Ethereum m/44'/60'/0' Ethereum - Ledger Live m/44'/60' Does it matter which one you choose and do I have to choose the same one every time? Do they each provide different addresses? I want to make sure I am using the same address every time. QUESTION 3 ______________________ If I want to move Theta from one Ledger Nano to another Ledger Nano, does this require an Ethereum GAS fee? QUESTION 4 ______________________ Is there some rule about needing to always have a certain amount of T Fuel in order to be able to send and receive Theta tokens? I remember hearing something like that. Thanks

exchange of old erc-20 tokens

I have old ERC-20 theta tokens on my wallet how or where can I exchange for new ones

You have exceeded your Faucet limit

Hi I keep getting the above message when trying to obtain Tfuel to transfer Theta into my wallet. When will this issue be fixed?


Hello I have approx 70,000 Tfuel. Is it possible for me to stake Tfuel through the Theta wallet as I did my 10,000 Theta with delegation staking? It was easy to do even for a non tech guy like me. Any help would be appreciated Regards Garry

Buying Theta

How do I buy Theta?

Elite Edge Node Setup

Can anyone please help with these questions/answers. Would really appreciate it, cheers. Just need to know if I load windows 10 pro onto the 1TB SSD drive. What is the 8 gig usb drive for? Is the software on that to be loaded?? Or is it a windows image?