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Theta Edge node not connecting after Windows update

My machine updated overnight and I've ended up with the node not being able to connect locally. So it can't see its local wallet. Looking in the logs I see: [2023-01-22 18:51:44.165] [info] [ThetaEdgeLauncher] 2023-01-22T18:51:44.164+0100 PANIC Network network/network.go:190 failed to listen on any addresses: [listen tcp4 bind: An attempt was made to access a socket in a way forbidden by its access permissions.] [2023-01-22 18:51:44.198] [info] [ThetaEdgeLauncher] panic: failed to listen on any addresses: [listen tcp4 bind: An attempt was made to access a socket in a way forbidden by its access permissions.] [2023-01-22 18:51:44.213] [info] [ThetaEdgeLauncher] time="2023-01-22T18:51:44+01:00" level=error msg="Failed to execute command: C:\\Users\\bluecube\\AppData\\Local\\Programs\\theta-pgn\\Resources\\bin\\anycast.exe start --config=C:\\Users\\bluecube\\AppData\\Roaming\\Theta Edge Node\\ThetaEdgeNode\\edgecast, err: exit status 2" prefix=launcher [2023-01-22 18:51:46.471] [info] [ThetaEdgeLauncher] time="2023-01-22T18:51:46+01:00" level=warning msg="client.Call res: <nil>, error: Post \"\": dial tcp connectex: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it." prefix=launcher I've checked the local FW and the app is allowed. I reinstall it several times, after new Win updates, but nothing. This is a Windows 10 install and not a docker container. Just sits "connecting to network..." Any ideas? Thanks

Guardian Node Issues

Can't seem to fix this issue - any help appreciated. Node failed to launch FATAL Failed to load or create key: could not decrypt key with given password

How to send theta to my ledger

How to send my token to my ledger nano x


Hi, there How much Theta fuel do I get for Staking 10,000 Theta fuel? And witch day of the week I get payout for the Theta fuel ?

Recovery of Theta Tokens

Hi Theta Support I transferred Theta tokens from my Binance account to my Ethereum MyEtherWallet account, and they never arrived (Binance did not tell me that they were being transferred on the Theta blockchain not Ethereum). MEW tells me that they can "see the Theta Tokens on the Theta Blockchain. They advise me to "find a Theta wallet that I can import my MEW Recovery Phrase to in order to access the Tokens". Can Support please comment? I have opened a Theta Wallet. Once you reply I can send all the public addresses of my Binance account, my MEW account and my new Theta wallet, plus the Txid for the transaction. Many thanks Michael

Edge Node v.1.2 with Docker on Linux is not found

When I do: sudo docker pull thetalabsorg/edgelauncher_mainnet:v1.2.0 I get this error: Error response from daemon: manifest for thetalabsorg/edgelauncher_mainnet:v1.2.0 not found: manifest unknown: manifest unknown

Linux EdgeLauncher v1.1.0 ERROR running edgeencoder

I am seeing this error frequently when running the latest Linux EdgeLauncher Docker image thetalabsorg/edgelauncher_mainnet:v1.1.0: " [2022-09-03 13:50:16] INFO Edgeencoder is restarted [2022-09-03 13:50:16] ERROR [launcher] Failed to execute command: &{./edgeencoder [./edgeencoder start --config=~/.edgeencoder/ --password=jhkfasd9r7636HJDHJEY46732674DGHGGHEF7464] [] <nil> 0xc00000e018 0xc00000e020 [] <nil> <nil> <nil> <nil> <nil> false [0xc0001c8080 0xc00000e018 0xc00000e020] [0xc0001c8080] [] [] <nil> <nil>}, err: fork/exec ./edgeencoder: no such file or directory " Examining via a shell into the container shows that there was no directory at ~/.edgeencoder. I presume this means that no video encoding jobs are being processed. Please advise, as I would very much like to get encoding jobs running and supporting the Theta Network if they are not.

Staking Tfuel

Hi, where can I read how much Tfuel I can earn by staking 10,000 Tfuels? also, what's the time that I have to staked them there? is there a minimum time or max?