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Can't access wallet.

I have had a theta wallet over a year. I haven't accessed it in a long time. I attempted to last night. I have a hard copy of my 12 word authentication but it did not work. I reloaded the app and tried again. It didn't work

Send Theta to Binance

Hi, I have Theta on my Theta wallet. I want to send them to my binance deposit account. How can I do this? best regards.

ERROR : Expected primary expression in solidity 0.8.19 #1

Hello, i'm working on NFT Project on Theta network and when coping the nft.sol to iheritate from it, i get this error in the line 399, in the "byte" key word

No one runs this site?

I have not been into my theta account for a year and when i tried to use my encypted private key, it now no longer will let me access my coins. What happened to the safe and secure site promised? Just another lie? Ths is some BS right here when you cant get into your account and no one to ask why!!!!!!!

Recovering THETA on metamask

hi - I mistakenly transferred THETA tokens from KuCoin to MetaMask wallet. Now unable to see the tokens despite downloading theta mainnet into MetaMask. how can I retrieve these tokens ?

wallet shows 0 !!

Who can I speak to about my account? My transactions history is showing that my Theta coins were transferred somewhere and now I have zero coins in the account. HELP!

How do I get help on my theta account?

I don’t see the theta I purchased in my wallet. Haven’t looked since I bought it. Am I looking at it wrong? Does theta have a help center?

How to uninstall gaurdian node linux

Why no directions to un-install guardian node Ubuntu Linux

Recover password

It's been some time I took a look at my online wallet and was wondering how to recover the password.

récupération de jetons

Bonjour, j'ai égaré mes jetons Theta sur le réseau Ethereum ERC-20, pouvez-vous m'aider s'il vous plaît