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Linux EdgeLauncher v1.1.0 ERROR running edgeencoder

I am seeing this error frequently when running the latest Linux EdgeLauncher Docker image thetalabsorg/edgelauncher_mainnet:v1.1.0:
[2022-09-03 13:50:16] INFO Edgeencoder is restarted
[2022-09-03 13:50:16] ERROR [launcher] Failed to execute command: &{./edgeencoder [./edgeencoder start --config=~/.edgeencoder/ --password=jhkfasd9r7636HJDHJEY46732674DGHGGHEF7464] [] 0xc00000e018 0xc00000e020 [] false [0xc0001c8080 0xc00000e018 0xc00000e020] [0xc0001c8080] [] [] }, err: fork/exec ./edgeencoder: no such file or directory
Examining via a shell into the container shows that there was no directory at ~/.edgeencoder.
I presume this means that no video encoding jobs are being processed.
Please advise, as I would very much like to get encoding jobs running and supporting the Theta Network if they are not.