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Staking rewards after mainnet 3.0

Dear Theta-team,

first of all let me congratulate you on your awesome project that I believe offers great opportunities.

As an small investor in both of your tokens, I am currently wondering if the different calculations with respect to staking rewards after the launch of mainnet 3.0 can be correct, as different youtube-channels establish that TFUEL will earn much, much higher staking rewards than THETA. If that was true, it was a strong incentive of course tu buy TFUEL but on the other hand would mean that THETA would become much less attractive in terms of an investment.

Are there alterations in the staking rewards planned also for THETA token after the launch of mainnet 3.0?

What would be the main advantages to invest in THETA token in comparison with TFUEL?

I thank you for your reply already in advance and wish you all the best for the future to come.

Best regards,